How to Pair your Bryte Smart Watch with Bryte Tablets and other Android Devices 5 comments

As you may have known now, you can do a lot with your Bryte Smart watch such asBryte_smart_watch_Sim_memory_card_slot

  • Make and receive calls
  • Send SMS, Email
  • Browse the internet
  • Take pictures
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Music and Video Player
  • Pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as BlackBerry phones,  Nokia phones, Bluetooth Earpiece etc.

You can even do a lot more with your Bryte Smart Watch by pairing it your Bryte Tablet PC or any Android Device. You will be able to receive instant notifications such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Email, BBM, Skype etc, synchronize your contact, Remote Capture of Pictures and a lot more

Due to popular demand, I’ll go through the steps you’ll take to install the necessary app to pair your Bryte Smart Watch to your Android Device. Though there are several Apps you can use to pair your device, the one I prefer most is BtNotification, because of its simplicity and great features. Follow the following steps to pair your Bryte Smart Watch to Bryte Tablet PC or and other Android device.

  1. In your Android device (eg. Bryte IPX 8), go to PlayStore, search for BtNotification and install (BtNotification is pre-installed in Ipair model of Bryte IPX 8) .
  2. After installation you may proceed to sign up and customize your features, but this step is optional. Then close the App.
  3. Go to Settings, scroll down and tap on Accessibility as shown in the figure below


  1. Then tap on BtNotification to switch it ON, on the BtNotification page tap on the tab on the top right-hand corner to Enable. You will be prompted to confirm as shown in figure below, go ahead and tap ‘OK’. Your android device is now ready

Android_Tablet_BT_Enable_Screenshot Android_Tablet_BT_OFF_Screenshot

  1. Switch ON your Bryte Smart Watch, also switch on its Bluetooth if not ON.

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  1. On your Android device go to Bluetooth (Settings>> Bluetooth) and search for devices, if you’ve not change the default name for the Smart Watch, you will see ‘ZP-C3’ on the Available Devices section. Go ahead and tap it to pair with your device, accept the prompt and synchronize permission on your Bryte Smart Watch.

Bryte Ipair- Bryte IPX 8 paired with Bryte Smart Watch

  1. That is all, you should now be able to receive notifications and do more with your Bryte Smart Watch.

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5 Comment(s) on “How to Pair your Bryte Smart Watch with Bryte Tablets and other Android Devices

  • RuthDamali

    Please how do i remove Privacy Protection password on my Bryte One… I inserted a sim that hasn’t been used for long in my Bryte one and it started showing me “Please enter the Privacy Protection Password without me activating it… Am also in need of the firmware, for flashing of the phone because it is virus infected and i was told that the firmware has already been virus infected… Please your help will be appreciated

  • Deji Johnson

    Bryte is doing all that is expected of a good brand. You provide customers with vital info about your products and your brand. Your prices in relation to the high quality of your products is commendable. You are bound to move from a good brand to a star brand! The sky is your limit!