How to Insert SIM Card and Memory Card into your Bryte IPX Tablet PC 42 comments

This image tutorial would help you know how to insert 2G/3G SIM card and microSD external memory storage card to your Bryte Tablet, though your Tablet may be slightly different from the one shown in the pictures depending on the Model. In this tutorial, we are using Bryte IPX 9.7 Model

Step 1.

Bryte-Tablet-IPX8b-back Sim Slot Compartment Cover Area of Tablet

Locate the SIM Slot cover compartment Area of your Tablet (In most Models, this is the white Area at the back of the tablet as shown in the figure above)

 Step 2

Opening-White-Cover-Bryte Cover-Opening-Tab

Insert your finger into the Opening Tab and Gently pull backward as shown above to open the cover compartment.

(Please ensure you don’t exert pressure on the Screen, to avoid breakage)

Step 3

Bryte-Tablet-Showing-SIM-Memmory-Card-Slot Sim-Memmory-CardsSlot

Insert you SIM Card (Either Single or Double depending on Model), you can also install the microSD external memory storage card in the microSD card slot on your tablet.

Step 4

Bryte Tablet-9.7 Android Tablet Side View Bryte-Tablet-IPX8b-back

Replace Back the Cover Compartment and ensure that it grip firmly.

You can now use your Bryte Tablet to Make and Receive Calls, access to the Internet via your 3G SIM card or  Wi-Fi network and do much more.

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